Welcome to MichaelRossi.co! My Journey Begins Here.


I still remember seeing the first commercials for the “information super highway”. I grew up on DOS and Windows 3.1. Dial-up internet and downloading songs overnight on Napster. MySpace and Netscape.

Since those early days, I always wanted to have a successful website. Those early days had some hideous sites. Everything flashed!

I was always drawn to the computer. My grandfather had a personal PC before it started to become mainstream and I remember him teaching me how to execute commands in DOS and the tips and tricks of Windows 3.1.

The curiosity of how computers works and what they were capable of was something that stuck with me. I quickly learned HTML and would make simple websites for people. As I began my career, I taught myself Visual Basic 6.0 and started developing applications to automate our many manual tasks.

I’m not sure if they had a term for it back then, but systems thinking has always been the way my mind worked. Find those repetitive processes. Where are the feedback loops. How do you automate?

I have always liked writing as well. It was never something I pursued though. Maybe it was shyness, low self confidence or embarrassment. Who cares what I had to say?

Why this site? Why now?

At the start of the summer, I decided to start a personal blog to document my journey on starting a saltwater reef tank. I would share the updates on Facebook and some family members and friends would give a courtesy “like”.

But then I got two messages, not far apart, from people who stumbled across the site somehow and gave me positive feedback. The fact that I was able to help one person made it all worthwhile and gave me the courage to move forward with this lifelong dream.

Purpose of the Site

The ultimate goal of this site will be to share knowledge and ideas and grow a community of the curious, who are always looking to learn and help others.

This is the beta version. I’m sure the site will evolve as time goes on and I produce more content. However, for this initial phase, the site will be broken into four parts:

  1. Articles - Full length articles which will likely be published elsewhere after posting to this site. Topics will range based on my past experiences, current trends and community feedback.
  2. Reviews - Full length reviews and summaries on the books I have been reading. This may expand into technological devices and applications as time goes on.
  3. Blog - My personal blog. Topics will vary as will the length of each post. Thought will go into what is written, but it will not be as polished as the articles I will be posting.
  4. Reef - A continuation of my personal saltwater reef tank adventures. Posts will not be as polished and will be written primarily as a documentation of my progress. As I run into issues and learn new things, I will expand those specific posts in the hopes of helping others based on my experiences.

I am also starting to gather emails for a mailing list. The goal is to publish a newsletter on a monthly basis and I will likely offer some free products to those who are part of the community.  If this interests you, I encourage you to join on our homepage.

A large part of this site will be around the Notion system and how I use it to manage my work and life. It had been life transforming having one system that can cover all facets of life; personal, family, family, home, etc.

Thank You

I am excited for what the future holds and the endless possibilities. I do not have a set schedule as to when content will be posted yet, but it is something I am working on and will update everyone on once finalized.

Thanks for reading and I hope you visit again soon!