One-Month Anniversary

Yesterday marked one month since I launched this website. I honestly did not know what to expect. I knew there were topics and ideas I wanted to write about. And, of course, I hoped others would be interested and want to read. However, I was also realistic that it takes years of dedication to grow a website.

First off, I want to say thank you for everyone who has visited the site, read some articles, joined us on Twitter or Facebook, and subscribed to our newsletter. Again, I had no preconceived thoughts on what I would define as a “successful” launch, nor any goals regarding web traffic.

What I’ve Learned

While it has only been 30 days, I have learned a lot. I’ll try to summarize some key lessons.

Don’t spend a lot of money up front

My initial temptation was to make the website as professional looking as possible for its launch. This included custom CSS scripts and professionally made logos and banners. I even debated purchasing the .com extension of the website for a ridiculous amount of money (thankfully my wife quickly stopped that one).

You can tweak the look and feel of the website as time goes on. There is no need to jump right in with what you think is “perfect”. Your thoughts on what you think is ideal will probably change shortly after you launch your website. Save your money and focus on putting out content.

Google Analytics and Newsletters

I knew I wanted to track the traffic to the website, even though I fully expected the numbers to be in the single digits. It is interesting to see how your “marketing” is working in real time. It is also useful, and quite interesting, to see what articles and posts resonate with your audience.

I was not as confident regarding my thoughts on a newsletter. All my research told me that creating a means for your audience to opt-in for future correspondence is critical for future growth. I knew I would not share the website with family and friends right away as I wanted to see what type of “organic” growth the site could generate.

To me, asking someone to visit the site was enough. Asking for their email address seemed unreasonable. I didn’t want to look back at some point and wish I followed everyone’s advice and started an email campaign sooner. Again, your response has been amazing and more than I could have ever thought of. Thank you!

If you haven’t joined our community, we would love to have you :)

Writing and Proof Reading

I was really proud of my first article. I spent a lot of time reviewing it and making changes to ensure the spelling and grammar were correct. I asked my wife to review it for me. She came back with a LOT of red ink! Her feedback and suggestions were invaluable. No matter how many times I reviewed the article, I missed some obvious mistakes and her suggestions on re-wording sentences made everything flow much easier.

My wife is now my proof-reader. However, I noticed that the same corrections were being made. She always changed certain sentence structures, for the better. After looking online for courses or applications that would assist with my writing, and hopefully point out the same issues my wife was finding, I came across ProWritingAid.

I have been using it for about a week now and have noticed an improvement in my writing already. The application scans your writing in real time and provides easy-to-read feedback whenever it comes across something that is grammatically incorrect or where readability can improve.

There are a lot of other functions and reports available through the application. Maybe I’ll write a review of it after using it a little longer. However, the lesson learned here is that your writing can always improve and having someone proofread your work and provide honest feedback is invaluable.


I have no intentions on adding ads to the website. Yes, of course I would like to generate some passive income to cover the expenses of having a site. But I feel ads take away from the user experience. My marketing strategy has mainly focused on Twitter and Reddit, with the latter being much more successful.

I just started using hashtags on my Twitter posts and just begun researching how to use Twitter for marketing. Hopefully, it is something I can improve upon.

I generate most of my traffic from Reddit. To date, I have been writing book reviews and guides on how to use Notion. I found communities on Reddit for these specific topics. When I publish a new article, I try to write an engaging post in the appropriate community.

You need to be careful when doing this and read the community rules. Not all Reddit Communities allow self-promotion. I have read that spamming Reddit with self-promotion can lead to your Reddit account being banned. I found that many people on Reddit define spamming as posting the same information in over two communities.

Site Statistics

As stated earlier, I had no preconceived notions on what would be a “successful” launch or what to expect in terms of viewership. However, I am personally beyond pleased with the results this first month. I do not know if these statistics are good (or bad) or in-line with a typical launch. However, I want to document them and share them with everyone in hopes they help someone who is thinking of starting their own site.

Audience Overview

There are a couple statistics that stand out to me here. First off is naturally the 1,533 visitors to the site. That is an average of 30 people per day, which is so much more than I ever imagined. Second is that over 10% of the visitors are returning users.

One Month Audience Overview

Behavior Overview

I mainly use this report to determine what web pages have the most interest. As time goes on, this will help me determine what types of material you enjoy reading and where to put more of my focus. Of the six articles posted, the top three are:

One Month Behavior Overview


Thirty-three people have joined our community by signing up for our newsletter (only one person has unsubscribed). This is the stat that has surprised me the most. I figured that one month into this project, there would be less than a handful of subscribers. That we have averaged a subscriber a day is… I have no words but thank you.


I have a lot of research and work to do regarding my Twitter account. However, despite its inefficient use, and my ugly mug on the front page, fourteen people have found my tweets worthy enough of a following.


There are two monetization methods implemented on the website. The first is the Amazon Affiliate Program. When anyone makes a purchase on Amazon after using my affiliate link, I receive a small commission. I have only used these links on my book reviews and they generated $1.92 in the first 30-days. :)

The second means of monetization has been the recent addition of “Buy Me a Coffee”. I have added a link to the bottom of each article where anyone can donate a small amount of money. I had more reservations about this than the newsletter. However, it provides me the ability to offer some services for a fee. I have some thoughts on offering personal Notion training and dashboard setups that may eventually come to fruition.

Thank You

Thank you. Thank you. It has been an amazing first month. Again, I don’t know if any of these statistics are above or below the norm, but they exceeded my expectations.

I will not bore everyone with a similar post every month. However, I will celebrate key milestones as we reach them. I also love to hear from everyone and respond to every email. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact via Twitter, Facebook, or email. And, once again, if you haven’t already, please consider becoming part of our community by signing up for our newsletter below.